“Stop The War” Marches

People all over the world have came out today and said “find another solution other than war.” That doesn’t mean they said “we should leave Iraq as it is,” (as I’m sure the politicians will spin), what I think it means is the belief that war is not something you should strive for, it is something to be avoid at all costs.

Yes you should always be prepared to fight, but you should never consider it as the first option, as our leaders seem to be doing. And when you hear of things like US Armed Forces expecting acceptable casualties of 40 million civillians, an initial assault of 700+ pinpoint accurate guided tomahawk missiles, then you have to ask if this is ‘disarming a country’ as our head of State makes out, or the lead to an occupation of a crucial piece of the Middle East Oil Puzzle…

Energy? That’s what this is all about.

All I would say to you is you read Micheal Moore’s Stupid White Men and ask yourself where George W Bush Jr is taking America, and why his supports seem to be making so much profit from this ‘Persian Gulf Distraction, pt 2.’