The Mighty Shark Joins The Legion

finbar_small.gif Joining the ranks of arr-arr-arr Dick Dastardly, The Hooded Claw and Gripper Stebson is Finbar the Mighty Shark!

Rubbadubbers is the simple story of how, when you’re not around, all your Bathroom Toys come to life. And while the series has the usual mix of characters with hang ups, problems, and the good old “I’m always cheery!” character (in this case voiced by John Gordon Sinclair, the hen pecked husband in thoose bloody Tesco adverts…), there is only one true character.

finbar_circle.gif Finbar, the arr-arr-arr Mighty Shark!

Ditch all the other stories concentrating on fluffy feel good vibes from the Buble Bath Dragon afraid of the Water (ferchrissake – it’s a bathroom, get over it!) and lets have “The Finbar Show!”

Oh and while I’m at it, whcih smart alec decided the Hasbro toys wouldn’t be out till August? When I was young they released Transformers way too early, now I can’t get mny Wind Up Shark until the show’s been on for months? What gives with Capitalism?