Warez Do Make A Difference

It really annoys me when people say Warez doesn’t harm anybody. Well, it does – because thanks to warez I can’t play Lemmings on my Nokia 9210.

Some months ago, Symbianware released Astronix, which I really enjoyed. Okay part of me was upset that it wasn’t a perfect clone of Asteroids – but being a classy version of Qix was enough for me.

What was exciting was the fact that they let everyone know that their next release would be the classic puzzle game Lemmings!

Unfortunatly it’s never going to be released. Because within 24 hours of Astronix being released, it was cracked, warezed, and across all the dodgy web sites, forums and Yahoo Groups that have sprung up in the murky depths of Symbian OS. Sales for Astronix never materialised, and the loss of confidence in the games market meant that Symbianware have vowed never to release another game.

Thanks guyz :-(