Gamecube Primer

gamecubelogo.jpgRight then, through Gaming Headlines, I’ve been looking at the N-Gage from a purely gaming perspective (which is actually quite different to the all-encompassing view that I take over at All About N-Gage). It’s refreshingly differnt. So much so that they’ve asked if I can look at one of the areas where they’re needing another writer. The Nintendo Gamecube.

Now the last true home console I has was… well… I’ve never had a home console. I’ve got the traditional Gameboy, a Mame Cabinet, and growing up my sister had a NES Famicom (and two games, one was Dizzy from the Spectrum, so I knew it already). So I have pretty much zero idea what’s going on in the console world apart from what I read about on the fringes.

So it’s time to turn to you, my reader. I need a crash course in the Gamecube and the place it has in the market. Yes I know the PS2 is a bit more adult orientated, the XBox is a bit like Knight Rider (we all watch it, but nobody will actually admit to it), and the Gamecube is percieved as the kiddie machine. I need more than that.

What are the ‘signature’ games on the device? What are the genres it is strong in? Which are weak? What is the fascination with “stealth” games like Splinter Cell? And if I’m going to get three games with a Gamecube, which three will give me the broadest look at what the console is like?

Over to y’all?