What’s in My Gadget Bag?


Hey, who’s this bloke being interviewed by Gizmodo? Cripes it’s me!!!

Ewan Spence takes the road less traveled, and he takes it often. Besides taking part in running All About Symbian, one of the largest community sites for Symbian Smartphones in the world, he’s also one of the people behind OPL, a keystone language (similar to QBasic) for Symbian OS. Not only that, but he’s helped set up FreEPOC as a programming team, and travels the world bringing OPL to the Symbian OS and the casual developer. Ewan brings a decidedly old-school flavor (some might even say retrograde) flavor with his gadget bag, which goes to show that the latest and greatest doesn’t have to supplant the old and reliable. What’s in your Gadget Bag, Ewan?

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