Sendo X Reviewed

Sendo XOver at All About Symbian is my little review of the Sendo X Series 60 Smartphone. Little of course being so far off the truth, because it’s close to 4,000 words long!.

You can read it in depth over there, but in summary, it’s a very nice phone. Unnlike certain other companies (cough… Nokia) they’ve not left out one or two key features to promote another phone. Everything is in this one handset. 64mb Memory. SD Card. A flash on the camera. The Now! Screen. I don’t want to have to send it back in 9 days time, and I’m second in line to get one when it arrives in the UK. First in line is Vikki, who’s currently very addicted to Funny Farmer and annoyeed we can’t hack it out and put it on her 7650.