Links from Wednesday 13th July 2005

How dare the BBC use their public service charter to expose over a million people to new music they would never consider buying? Of course, it’s the classical music labels who are shouting. Folks, it’s simple. Give someone confidence to explore a new genre and they will stay. No-one is going to gamble on buying nine symphonies at a tenner each just to see if they like it. Think long term and growing the market, not short term profits.
Link: GeekNewsCentral

Handango move to populate the TablePC Software space, and author Josh Einstein discovers how much of a percentage the company takes. As before in the PDA and smartphone space, Handango really need to make it more obvious what they do with their cut and make it easily visible, or face feedback like this every day.
Link: Josh Einstein’s Journal

(Cue the “Grampa Simpson” voice) – “Back in my day, we didn’t have no fancy shaded polygons or 3D playfields, all we had was sprites made out of big pixels, and the processing power warn’t but nuthin! But we didn’t complain, we did the best with what we had…”
Link: Rob Bischoff

These aren’t the root vegetables you’re looking for. Mr Potato Head Stormtrooper.

I must have made it! Jacek’s doe a comic strip about my thought processes! W00t (I think).
Link: Comic Strip Blog #106