Computer Outlook Talk Radio – Podcast Show

Computer Outllok Talk Radio Show ButtonYes, it’s short notice, but if you’re up and about in the next hour or so, I’ll be appearing on the Computer Outlook Talk Radio Show, with Dave Ciccone (Dave’s Ipaq) and host John Iasiuolo to talk about video podcasting. You can listen to the show live, over the internet, from I first met John and the Computer Outlook guys at the PalmSource DevCon at the end of June, talking the guest speaker chair on many a broadcast. This is something I’ve talked about for a while with them , getting me on the air over Skype, so it should be fun. Skype’s used for many a podcast, but it’s less well known in broadcast radio circles. Once more into the breech, dear friends.

The show should be archived after airing, so I’ll point you all to the archive once it goes up.

And for all you Computer Outlook listeners coming here from the show, here’s the links to my other sites.

TPN Rock: The Rock Show on The Podcast Network (
This is my podcast for unsigned, unknown or underappreciated bands from around the world. It’s a roughly thirty minute show that goes out every Friday.

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Pretty much as the URL’s describe them. Everything that you could want to know on a daily basis for your portable and pocketable computer.