A Seattle Weekend

Seattle must be the American word for Aberdeen, which in turn is gaelic for Hypothermia. The weather here in the north west corner of America makes me feel like I never left Edinburgh. The days are pretty much cold and drizzly, and the nights are cold and drizzly. Which isn;t as much of a problem for me.

What’s surprising is the effect the rain has on the traffic jams in the area. I don’t remember UK roads grinding to a halt just because of the wrong type of rain (the trains are another matter, but I’m not hitting the CalTrain till later in the week, so comments then). Of course the public transport up here is run by the car industry – ie without a car you’ve no transport.

The stopover in Seattle is less business meetings, more making sure I spend a whole weekend and eight days between my inbound and outbound flight on American Airlines to get the cheap fares. It’s not all pleasure though, because keeping in touch with ‘interesting people’ has always been one of the ways that I can drive forward, be it with inspiration for articles, new business ideas, or improving what’s used already. And in that it’s een successful.