I’m Nominated For A BAFTA!!!

Bafta Nominee 2005WWWWWWWOOOOOOOooooooooo!!!

The Edinburgh Fringe Podcast has ben nominated for this year’s Scottish BAFTA’s in the Best Interactive Media category.

I am so so over the moon with this! Make no mistake this nomination is a massive thing, not just for myself, but for The Podcast Network and podcasting as a whole. It’s not in some awards room off the main show, it’s at the same level as Best Film, Best Director, Best Drama, etc. They all get awarded at the same ceremony (Sunday 13th November), with the same award, and… it’s a BAFTA!!!

Can you tell I’m excited?

On a personal level, the amount of work that went into the Edinburgh Fringe Podcast was massive – my mind has done it’s best to forget just what was invovled inAugust, but I know (by looking at my diary) that I was taking in 5-6 Fringe shows each day (around an hour per show), interviewing at least two of the performers after those shows, setting up the tickets and interview slots for the next day, reviewing these shows for the website, post production on the interviews and assembling the shows, and all the other bits and pieces behind a podcast. And this went on for almost every day in August… except Sundays – I tried to sleep then, but had this little matter of having to move house as well.

I know that thousands of people around the world listened to the podcast, and I’ve many emails from people thanking me for the show, allowing them access to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe unlike any other reporting previously.

Now think about this nomination in regards to podcasting as a whole. It’s generally regarded that podcasting as an entity really started moving about August 2004 (and that lots of people played with the principle before that, and Ben Hammersley finally using the term in print around Feb 2004), and it’s been ignored, lookd down upon, and then tentativly poked at by the broadcasters and mainstream media. So here we are, just over a year later, and it’s up for a major award, at the same status as Film, TV and Radio.

I started The Edinburgh Fringe Podcast partially because nobody else was doing it and I thought that someone should be. I also wanted to find out just how far one single person could take the coverage of an event such as this, and if it would be popular in Edinburgh, around the world, and be comparable to the coverage that the UK Media would provide. Looking back on it last week, I was pretty happy with the answer (which was yes). Now, with this nomination, it’s obvious that I can cover events such as this in not just a professional manner, but in a manner that is suitable to be considered for a BAFTA.

Yes I’m on top of the world right now.

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