Off We Go Into The Red White and Blue Yonder

Typical, just as all the funs starts at home with the BAFTA’s, I need to jump on a plane to hop over the Atlantic to the West Coast. As usual, the flight is with American Airlines (it’s cheap, the seats are comfy enough, and I’m used to Easyjet et al in the UK). Unlike the last trip in May, I’m
not doing the big Heathrow-Los Angeles flight… it’s just too long. Instead I’ll take the easier route for me of Edinburgh to Heathrow, then onto Chicago for a connecting flight to the West Coast.

The plan so far is to spend the weekend in Seattle, then hop down to the San Francisco Bay Area for this months Mobile Mondays USA event and spend the first half of the week there. I’ll finish by going down to LA on Thursday and go to the Portable Media and Podcast Expo.

If you’re around and would like to meet up, thhen feel free to drop me an email – ewan at allaboutsymbian dot com or hit the comments on this post – as I’m not this way very often I’ll be filling up the diary as much as possible. For those of you just watching via the blog, I’ve finally sorted out the “Blog by sending email to the server” stuff, along with being pretty confident on the moblog, so lets see if I can keep posting through the trip, or if I stop after 4 days, which is what normally happens.