Apple Keynote Thoughts

Might as well write something – everyone esle does. Quite frankly nothing stunned me. Okay so they’re doing some new laptops and desktops that have a different CPU – which is driving the freaks crazy with glee but given that the end goal is for something that will do the same for the end user now, it’s purely a performance bumper. Why spill anything over this?

The iPod numebrs were a bit more interesting, and as always the headline number seems to have been shown with a little bit of magical distraction. 32 million of any device is a good market share, but what I’d be interested in seeing is the split between Shuffle / Nano / Full. And don’t forget that Q4 (the 14 million units sold number) includes the launch of the Nano so there’s a bundle of zealots buying a second device. What’s more interesting is that multi-gigabyte devices have sold an average of 20 tunes through ITMS per user.

So what are they filling up the rest of the devices with? Their own CD collections? I’ve argued before thats likely only 100 CD’s and a thousand songs or so, which is fine for a Nano, but the big boxes still have a lot of space to fill. Is All of MP3 really that popular?

So a company that has a lot of influence with tiny sales (don’t forget that there are more Tablet PC’s out there than PowerBooks) makes a steady as she goes announcement and it’s treated like the second coming. Oh and an FM Radio halfway up your headphone cable, forgot that, sorry.

Only in America.