Shaun of The Dead Killed on my PSP

Thank you Sony… grrr. I could have picked up a copy of Shaun of the Dead on UMD Video disk for my recently accquired Playstation Portable for $10 (about £7) which I think is a pretty good price point. Except that because I’m in the USA (region 1) and my PSP is UK based (region 2) you’ve locked me out of a purchase. If you think I’ll pay $40 (£28) when I get back to the UK then think again. The full DVD is $20 (£15) and I’d rather get that and then rip the DVD using PSPVideo9.

When a customer gets a snap purchase decision, and you deny that, then something is wrong. It’s probably the first thing that irks me about the PSP. The region lock was removed for the games, so why not video?