Even More Thumbs Up…

If one tiny thing has made travelling immeasurably easier on the nerves, it has to be my set up Super Fi.5 Pro headphones from Ultimate Ears. These little beauties have to be the best set of headphones I have heard. Ever. They’re small, in-ear, phones, with an interchangeable silicon tip to ensure a perfect fit. They drop any external noise to quieter than my breathing, so they’re passive noise cancelling. If that was all they did, I’d be happy, but the sound reproduction is immense. It would be fair to say that on first listening to AC/DC through these, compared to my standard set on Sony MDR’s, the phrase “and FSM wept” would be appropriate. THe Super Fi.5 Pro set have two speakers in each headphone, one for lwo and one for high, and are priced at $250. (the 3’s have one speaker, and the new ‘Roadie’ set has three in each ear).

You want to know how good they are? The first time I flew over the Atlantic with them I was woken up by the stewardess on our approach to London. I thought I was still on the tarmac at Dallas Fort Worth, wondering if the three year old next to me would drive me to chloroform. Yes. They’re that good.

So thumbs up to Ultimate Ears. Again. Which is something I do mentally after every airline flight.