iProng Music Panel Podcast (From PME)

One thing at the PME which was super-enjoyable (beyond the naked body painted crew from Sacramento Podcast Productions – Hi Marcia, Cassie and I think, Christina) was the iProng panel disccusion on podcasting and the music industry. Joining me on the panel were CC Chapmans (who I think you know) and Slau, a music producer who was behind the podsafe Christmas song last year.

I’ll let iProng introduce it before you listen.

…the iProng Radio music panel at Podcast expo featured C.C. Chapman of Accident Hash and U-Turn Cafe, Ewan Spence of TPN Rock and The Podcast Network, and performer/music producer Slau. These very opinionated music podcasters and enthusiasts weighed in on the stupidity of record labels, and the need for caution when playing music on your podcast without permission…it’s a bad idea, don’t do it!

Download the mp3Visit iProng.