More Thumbs Up To…

Sitting at Heathrow, and I’m blog posting. And catching up with Bloglines. And Gmail… and everything else involved. And in part that’s thanks to Tom Steinberg from My Society. Over a breakfast with Tom and Suw at the Euro OSCon, Tom mentioned his T-Mobile 3.5G Data card and how it was a lifesaver around the UK with a pricing of 20 pounds for 3 gigabytes of data per month. And while US roaming costs more than every animated bed in Second Life, in the UK it’s already proved cheaper than Wi-Fi hotspots. Figure one hour at Edinburgh and an hour at Heathrow on the flight out, and another two hours at Heathrow. Which, if this had been paid for through Wi-Fi, would be 28 pounds.

I suspect that the real benefit to the T-Mobile Web n Walk card will be at the Symbian Smartphone Show on 17th/18th October. It’s always been notoriously hard for Rafe, Steve and I to file stories here without either being banished to a press room away from the action on the floor, or to pay the ExCeL centre our mortgage for an hour of access. Not to mention general access in the evening.

So thumbs up to Tom.