Thumbs Up To…

Back in the UK, and I want to pass on a few thanks, through the blog. Let’s start with American Airlines. My itinery home looked an absolute mess after a few late minute changes before I left the UK, the biggest headache being a massivly tight under three hour transfer between London Gatwick and London Heathrow. So tight that I actually had a super cheap GNER Edinburgh-London ticket in the back pocket in case it all went tits up – which in my opinion it would have.

But the check-in staff at Los Angeles International did the whole tap at a keyboard routine for five minutes and presented me with a brand new flight plan that had me coming into Heathrow (yaay, not Gatwick) with three hours to spare before a relativly quick British Airways to Eidnburgh. I’ll be home by 4pm as opposed to 8pm.

So thumbs up to American.