Accident Mash #4 – TPN Rock and Accident Hash’s “Accident Ssssh” at the Portable and New Media Expo

Accident Mash #4 (MP3 30.3 mb 33 minutes 2 seconds)
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[Did you take pictures, audio or video of the event? If so, please get in touch with Ewan or CC regarding the Charity Christmas DVD edition of the Mash…]

Introduced by Linda Mills, it’s “The Dave Slusher Memorial Podcast,” with (in alphabetical order)…

Matthew Ebel
Jimmy Golding
Brother Love
Geoff Smith
Whitney Steele

…as for the songs, if we didn’t know the playlist when we started, then neither will you. Just kick back and let the good times roll.

It all started at a remarkably late hour on the last night of the Portable and New Media 2007, in the bar of the Ontario Marriot, with Linda Mills asking us why CC and I hadn’t done one of the most irregular podcast music shows of all time, The TPN Rock / Accident Hash joint show, Accident Mash. In the fifteen or so months its been running, we’ve done… three. Neither of us had even considered setting up a time to do one, given the hectic nature of the Expo and the sheer volume of people to talk to.

But we both got a glint in our eyes, stared at each other over the bar, and proclaimed “we can do this!”

Just five minutes later and we’ve rounded up some of the leading podsafe music artists in the world, MacGyvered together a twin-track mixing desk with some tie pins, cables, stub mics, headphone splitters and my trusty minidisc recorder – and then rather loudly let everyone know that we’d be recording, the artists would be singing, and everyone was invited to where else but the home of all the improv events at the PME… poolside at the Marriot.

There’s a lot of crowd noise in this one – not surprising with such a fantastic and appreciative audience (thank you EVERYONE who was there, and to everyone who missed it, you’re going to be kicking yourself for the rest of your life…). With the local constabulary lurking in the background watching the noise levels, half the hosting duties were taken up by crowd control and keeping the volume down. But hey, this is as live, as raw, and as honest a gig as you are ever going to find. People who love music playing, listening, talking, and participating.

We’ve got accapella; we’ve got beat boxing; we’ve got accoustic; we’ve got group jamming; but what else would you expect from some of the leading independent musicans? We’ve got crowd participation; we’ve got old and new friends in the crowd; we’re on a runaway train where the hosts honestly have no idea what’s happening in the next thirty seconds, let alone for the rest of the show.

Folks, it was an honour to capture all your joy and enthusiam in what Eric Rice named “The Accident Ssssh.” I hope you’ll listen back with fond memories of friendship, community and the pioneer spirit that really does sum up what podcasting is and how it can change the world. And thanks to podcasting, this special recording session is here for us all to share with the rest of the world.

Well, almost the full session – we’ve had to trim out the non-podsafe music that we played as we can’t ‘publish’ that through our RSS Feeds; but don’t fret. While we can’t get clearance to send them down the internet, what CC and I are investigating (with help from Brian Ibbot) is a Christmas DVD of Accident Mash#4 for charity, with the raw and edited audio, and all the video and pictures everyone took of the event. That’s actually easier to sort out than a podcast appearance (insert rolled eyes here).

If you’ve got media, or just want on the list for “I’d love a copy of the DVD” so we can get some numbers, please get in touch.

Love, Light, Peace and be wild.

— Ewan and CC

We also mention…
Linda Mills ((Podcast User Magazine), Dave Slusher (Evil Genius Chronicles), Eric Rice (Saijo City and various worlds and meta spaces), Bill Palmer (iProng), Tim Street (The French Maids), and a bundle of others I’ve probably forgotten. Leave a coment and we’ll sort that out.