Beats for Sony PSP Shows The Way Forward

While it ain’t no Guitar Hero, the newly opened online PSP Store ( is now working in Europe, and one of the games for sale is the brand new PSP title, Beats.


It’s a rythym game, and while the right hand hits the buttons in sequence, the left hand decides the postion. It’s the closest you can get to a (fretboard, choose strings) metaphor on the PSP. But three things make it stand out for me.

1. It’s a fully electronic download package – no retail packaging, no having to get to a store, no cut to the store, just download it over the air, back it up, and copy it to your PSP. In fact just hook the PSP to your PC, and it downloads over Wi-Fi/internet down the USB cable.

2. It costs a fiver. Compared to 30 pounds in the store for retail games (or 27.50 on Amazon!), this is slam bang in the traditional budget zone. And a great price for impulse buys. More of this please, Sony.

3. You can use your own MP3 music. Yes that’s right, it doesn’t come with any full tracks (some incidental stuff, nothing flashy) but it just reads the directory on the PSP memory card, and you use whatever you want. AC/DC? Not a problem. Rather have Andy Williams? Sure.

I so need some recommendations for the music to play against!