Introducing My Filofax

I picked up my first Filofax in early 2004, and I’m still using it, almost four years later. It’s a ‘personal’ sized version, under the Kensington design – one that is no longer offered. But it’s very much a traditional look, with soft brown leather (and two thick cardboard inserts behind the cover to give it some strength (the closest in the current range is probably the Guildford). Why did I get it? Mainly because I was about to do my first international travel (a week long trip to the USA); I wanted to have paper copies of notes and flights – plus the local WH Smith was having a big clear-out and the Kensington was heavily discounted.

And since then, it’s been in and out of my daily bag, and pretty much always been there. But this year, roundabout July, I started heavily using it – mainly to prepare for the Edinburgh Festival, and event spread all over Edinburgh and pretty much guaranteeing that I could never keep my laptop charged. And the Filofax, obviously, needs no batteries. It stepped up to the plate, batted a home run through the Festival, and since then I’ve felt no need to step back to Outlook, a PDA, the calendar in my phone.

I think, over the next few days and weeks, I’m going to explore it a bit more on the blog.