My Video Podcast, Podcamp Boston and the LOLSaurs

Back from the travels, and the last stop had been Podcamp Boston. Two things of note from my point of view from the event. The first, of course, is that I’m more than happy now to tell people about “Spence” my video podcast. If you’ve not had a heads up yet then head over to the site (or subscribe to the feed). And if you’ve been holding back at my request in telling people about the show, consider that to no longer be in effect. Time to find a viewer!

So in a sneaky move, the most recent episode (13) concerns Podcamp Boston, and specifically the story behind those lovable rascals, the LOLSaurs ( Dreamed up at 9pm Saturday night, implemented Sunday morning, announced Sunday lunchtime, number one on Digg in a touch over an hour. Welcome to new media’s fastest hype to deadpool cycle.

And if you liked that, do subscribe in iTunes, or your favourite podcast catching tool (mine is the Sony PSP!) with the RSS Feed.