Paris and LeWeb3 Already A Success

So I’m in Paris, back in the Suite Hotel after the Speakers and Sponsors dinner hosted by Loic Le Meur and the LeWeb family (and if you’e wondering if I’m a speaker or a sponsor of the event, then can you please not tell Loic…) and I’m pretty pleased with myself already. Partly because I can afford something a little bit better than the six bed dorm in the Hostel a la last year, but mainly because I finally managed to catch a picture of the Spitifre Mk Vb outside Edinburgh Airport while speeding past it on the bus.

Spitfire “Blue Peter”

The Nokia N95 does have a small delay from button press to the CMOS being read, and I got lucky all round today.

So I’ll be at the conference early tomorrow, all day, and highly visible as usual. So if you;re around, look out for me and say hi!