C’est Magnifique! LeWeb 3 2007 Thoughts

Last year, after LeWeb 3 (2006), I came back from Paris fuming (You might remember). It was pretty evident to all, including my Mum calling me after she realised just how upset I was (and creating a mental note that ‘my parents read my blog…‘). Well, I’m now back from LeWeb 3 2007, the forth edition, and in no way am I disappointed. LeWeb 2007 c’est magnifique!

Dr Hans Rosling

While it was subtitled “evolution/revolution” I think a bigger theme of the conference is that if you trust people, they will actually help you. The biggest impact LeWeb3 2006 has had was not on the bloggers, the speakers, or the attendees; it was on Loic Le Meur himself. For all the bluster that is required in this game, I’m sure that the controversy of 2006 would have hurt – remember Le Meur was sure that he was making the right calls on the day. And while at the time his response to some was not enough, I think the mental changes that the crowd forced him to look at have been at the root both of the success of Le Web 3 2007, but also in how his latest venture, Seesmic, is growing with the will of the community (as to getting Seesmic invites… ask me nicely…).

A huge amount of the program was decided by the community; the Wifi was take out of the sponsors package and a 120,000 Euro investment from the Le Web team with Swisscom and it was still a bit touch and go on the first day (but improved as Le Web went on); and the feedback continues to be taken on board.

Ewan Spence, hosting his Conference Schwag Cast
Picture by Joi Ito

Now, why so late in my reply – well party because during and right after the event I had to sit down and write it up for a number of media outlets, including the BBC and IT Pro, which meant that most of my energy was directed towards other areas. And then Christmas planning got in the way. But I wanted to make sure that I balanced out previous posts on the subject and continue the conversation for regular readers.

Last year I made some suggestions on how to improve LeWeb for this year. This year will be no different.

  • Geraldine, Cathy and Loic … same again, please!