Here Comes the Edinburgh Fringe Podcasts for 2008!

Fringe podcast has started again – I suspect many of them will be cross posted here, but in case you want to be niceley organised, this is the RSS feed for just the Fringe material.

The Edinburgh Fringe 2008 Show #1 (MP3 40.4 mb, 44 minutes 10 seconds)
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August the first, and the starting gun on both the Edinburgh Fringe and the Edinburgh Fringe Podcast has fired. Which means a month of daily podcasts from the biggest arts festival on the planet are going to be heading towards you at top speed (or whatever your broadband is capped at). For the opening show, I thought it was time to dig a little deeper into the relationship between the festival and Scotland’s capital city, so I spent some time with Councillor Steve Cardownie, the Edinburgh Festival and Events Champion.

On the show front, one of my favourite groups, Tha Martians, are back with a new show called Greyfriars Twisted Tales, and I caught up with them at a rehersal to talk about the show and grab some unplugged music from the show. It’s also your first chance to meet Georgina Sowerby and Brian Luff, who are running their own daily show at the Fringe – they’ll be popping back with their guests and thoughts on Edinburgh from a behind the scenes perspective throughout August.

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The Edinburgh Fringe 2008 Show #1

Councillor Steve Cardownie
Edinburgh City Council, Festival and Events Champion

The Martians – Greyfriar’s Twisted Tales
at the Musical Theatre, George Square

Sowerby and Luff – Sex Tips for Pandas
at The Dragonfly (Part of PBH’s Free Fringe)