The Royal Mile, The Edinburgh Fringe, and The Podcast

Just posted one of my favourite podcasts of the year… “Walking Down The Royal Mile” for the Edinburgh Fringe show over at The Podcast Network.

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The principle is a pretty simple one. Start at the top of the Royal Mile, where all the Fringe festivites and promotion are going on, and start recording. Then just bounce between people (and puppets – quite a few of them this year) until you hit the bottom of the mile. A simple idea, but bursting with content, and a bit of a challenge to hold it all together on the street with almost no preparation.

Anyway, the Fringe podcast still has a week to run, and there are 17 episodes from 2008 already if you’ve not been keeping up. And if you have been following the show, why not leave a review/comment on the podcast at iTunes (and you can subscribe there as well).