The Country Gets Back Up To Speed

One of the problems of the festive period is just how much a Freighter at sea the working population is. About two weeks before Christmas, every office across the land starts to put the brakes on and slow down so ‘no work is left over Christmas.’ That’s not to mention all the office parties that go on as well.

So you get the Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and Boxing Day. And then you have this fallow period where some companies just stop completely, because there’s little point working for three days. Or the other horrible option – companies working with a skeleton staff at a limited capacity.

And then it happens all over again at Hogmanay and New Year, people call in sick because they partied too hard, and suddenly it’s the weekend and we all stop again.

Monday comes round, people realise coffee isn’t enough to get them through a regular speed day at work, and it takes a few days for the country to get back up to operating speed and back under sail. All told the UK economy has lost about three weeks of productivity. Can we afford that in a recession?