No Crazy Ally Pally Hacking in 2009 – BBC Mashed Will Be Missed

I’m in two minds about the announcement on the BBC Backstage Blog that there won’t be a Mashed event in 2009.

Part of me is upset – the Mashed event in 2008 (and the Yahoo/BBC Hackday the year before) was one of the highlights of the year for UK Developer circles – you put smart people in a room and great things happen. Put smart people in a room with their own DAB TV station and a red button service they can hack away with, and you get some gorgeous results.

For those who weren’t coding, it was still a spectacle akin to a science fair, Scout camp and The Great Egg Race.

But part of me is also breathing a little sigh of relief. The last two years have seen me do some rather crazy things – such as the two stage Diet Coke powered rocket that lofted a USB camera above Alexandra Palace in 2007, and last year’s Open Source Social Flight Simulator that we built on the day (a full seated sim, with pilot and navigator and projected displays of the real world view) and then promptly flew around the world in a Le Mans like rota with everyone who wanted a go.

There was always a question in my mind as to what I would do for the third album. I guess now the world will never know (but I can think of a few people who’ll breathe easier now they won’t have to worry about volunteering to join my Merry Band 2.0).

Nah, who am I kidding? Mashed, I’ll miss you this year…