Shall We Revive The Mixtape For SXSW Interactive?

An idea I’ve had for a while, now given an airing for the upcoming SXSW Interactive conference. I’m going to call it MP3 Shuffle, and throw together a quick WordPress Blog for the project (

[MP3 Shuffle is] a musical project at SXSW Interactive 2009, where attendees put together a Modern Mixtape on a USB Memory Stick, and swap it with others via a big cardboard box throughout the Conference. Please use #mp3shuffle to tag any posts, twitters or other online media discussing the project.

You can throw questions about it, how it works, and everything else at me here, there, or on Twitter, because I’ll tell you now I’ve not done a lot of planning on this, it’s going to be organised (as much as it is) in the open and en clair.

Consider me the catalyst on this one, rather than the Head Honcho. The end result (after scanning said USB Memory Sticks, because there is the risk of some malware here) should be we all find some great new music, we all blog about the emotion of music, and we do something cool.