A Little Bit of GTD Tech For The Weekend?

Over on All About Symbian, I’ve posted an article that talks about how I use GTD with the modern S60 smartphone. This was a question I was asked thanks to the 5800 video diary series that is now addressed in a full article.

The short answer is, I don’t. The S60 derived phones have an absolutely hopeless To-Do/List system in the calendaring application, and the regular calendar/agenda functions are poor at best.

As readers here (and party go-ers in SXSW) will know, I’m a big Filofax fan.


It’s disappointing when paper and pencil outgun silicon, and it’s made even more disappointing when you realise that in the Psion Series 3’s and 5’s, Symbian OS (then labelled EPOC) had the best Agenda application in the world.

The full dissection with a lively debate in the comments, can be found here.