To Lose Two Eurovision Commentators Would Be… An Opportunity

Picked this one up from Boom Bang a Blog (go on, guess the subject matter) and ESC Today:

You may have read this week that Graham Norton could be set to leave the BBC for his old stomping ground of Channel 4 after his last show, Totally Saturday, proved totally unwatchable. This does raise one question – will this mean Graham won’t be back in the commentary box for Eurovision in Norway next year?
Norton a No-Show in Oslo?

The BBC are widely reported to be concerned that they do not have enough shows for Norton, who is one of their highest paid presenters. If Norton signs an exclusivity deal with another broadcaster, he would no longer be available to commentate on the Eurovision Song Contest, a role which he was widely praised for. It would leave the BBC searching for a third commentator in three years.
Norton to quit BBC?

Hmm, so you’d probably want someone with a bit of experience at commentating on Eurovision, who knows the subject matter, can present it in an accessible way and is able to bring a populist touch to the show.

Some other numbers…

  • Terry Wogan’s thirty year run as Commentator for Eurovision started in 1980, when he was 42.
  • Graham Norton started commentating on Eurovision in 2009, aged 46.
  • Paddy O’Connell started commentating on the Eurovision Semi Finals aged 38.
  • Ken Bruce started commentating on Eurovision for aged 37.

For the record, I’ll be 35 in May next year, which gives me some time (not that I’m counting) but if anyone down at Wood Lane wants to give me a call…

He [Spence] out-tweeted much of the official BBC correspondents by speed of updates and depth of information, winning rave reviews from followers. Several said they preferred the commentary of the renegade Eurovision tweet host to the banter of Graham Norton’s debut year as Eurovision host.

Lisa Devaney,  Digital Journal.