“The Book” and Blog World Expo next week

It’s less than two weeks to go until the Blog World and New Media Expo in Las Vegas, so I thought I’d let slip one of my little ideas for the event – The Book.

People like to ask what’s in the sporran, and (the polite) answer while at Blog World Expo will be a Moleskine pocket notebook. Specifically a Japanese Album notebook that is one large concertinaed page that fits into the regular sized notebook format. Opened out it measures 8 feet 10 inches (2.7 metres) so there’s lots of space to fill in.

The BlogWorldExpo Book

My goal is to ask as many people at the conference to note something down in the book, be it a helpful hint, a picture, url or whatever. At the end of the event, it should be not only a great memory of the conference, but a wonderful reference online as well.

If you’re at Blog World Expo and do see me, please feel free to stop me and ask for the book so you can add to it yourself – that’s if I forget to ask you!