C’est un ‘Le Web’ Cadeau

One of the many interviews I did at Le Web was with C-Net France. Interestingly the reporter had a list of four names to track down specifically for the interviews, and I was one of them (the others were Robert Scoble, Joi Ito and Michael Arrington, who I can only assume he didn’t get).

Anyway, it’s all in French and with a quick run through the Alta Vista translator (yes I knew they still had a use) I think I managed to not put my foot in it!

Et mon second appareil serait un Filofax, un organiseur en papier. Pas de technologie. Seulement du papier et un stylo. Pour prendre des notes, des projets, … Il n’a pas besoin de se recharger. Ne tombe jamais en panne. J’utilise des ordinateurs depuis un certain temps et, vous savez, ils crachent quelques fois.

And the impromptu photo session turned out not bad either!

Le Web and C Net France picture