The Filofax Beauty Gift Pack

Just before Christmas the Filofax team let me have a look at their latest addition to their range – the Filofax Beauty Gift Pack.

Following on from their first adventures in ‘bundling’ with the Lifestyle Packs, I wondered if they would continue this line of thinking and create more appropriate bundles. The Beauty Gift pack is the next step.

Sporting a personal sized Domino Filofax; a filofax page sized mirror, and a ‘James Bond’ pen with a perfume atomiser hidden in the cap for a quick spray during the day; it’s clear that this pack is aimed at a certain segment of the population.

There’s nothing wrong in this approach, and to be honest I think that’ it’s the right way to go about building up the brand of Filofax in the 21st Century. Build up small pockets of support in new areas, and expand them out as the company grows. Filofax has moved on from the yuppie era of the 1980’s.

The key to the marketing of the Gift Pack is the enclosed voucher for a beauty Session at various locations around the UK. I’m going to pass this on to someone else, partly because I don’t think a beauty session would make a dent on me. It’s also not supplied by Filofax themselves, so they’ve little control over the final product (but they have put their name to it, so it does count).

Again it’s the combined pack of voucher (to tempt), the mirror and the customised pen (to enhance the targeting), and finally a choice of style of Domino Filofax (art deco print, snakeskin or shocking pink) to seal the deal with the customer.

Of course the core product is one I’m familiar with – a Filofax – and I know how useful and versatile they can be. From a personal point of view, the more of them in the hands of the public, the better! With a reviewers hat on, this is a great package even without the addition of a manicure, hair styling or other treat. You get the fashionable hit at the start, and the continuing reward of organisation (maybe) into the New Year.

The question now is how are Filofax going to address the more masculine side of the market in 2010, and how innovative will they be? I’m looking forward to finding out.

Filofax Gift Box Filofax in the UK are currently offering the pack for just £30, and their end of year sale has a store wide discount of up to 30% on other goods.

Cross posted from The Daily Dust