On popping in to the Filofax store

And what’s wrong with visiting the retail store of the Filofax empire when visiting London?

Actually I was nipping in to see if they happened to have a certain type of paper refill lurking anywhere as it’s been officially discontinued. It turns out they hadn’t, but it was still worth the visit. You know when you put people together with iPhones and they start comparing applications and tricks? The same happens with Filofax people, as the shop staff and I started trading tips and hacks – turns out my SXSW Planning Chart was a new one on them, although I am opening the binder rings the ‘right’ way for a long and happy life.

I was also intrigued to spot a surreptitious thumb that was run over the cover of my Filofax. As it’s oiled leather the consistency changes over time to a well-worn and lived in feeling, and having one of them in the store was ‘rather special.’


So after taking the chance to stock up on some big blocks of paper and refills for the next few months (big projects coming up, including SXSW, Eurovision and starting to plan the Edinburgh Fringe coverage), it was time to leave.

Is this what it’s like for Apple Store fans?