Video Footage of the iPod Shuffle Shuffle (Open Tech 2005)

It’s taken a while (almost five years!) but the iPod Shuffle Shuffle video has finally surfaced, along with the rest of the event footage from OpenTech 2005.

To remind you, I was chairing a panel on Media Hacking, and decided that I would do some “physical media hacking” to waken up the audience:

The experiment was planned to go something like this. Two pairs of volunteers would come forward… with a pair of 512mb and a pair of 1gb iPod Shuffles. They would swap over their units with each other, and take away an iPod Shuffle with a different audio mix on it…

Unfortunately 4 people came forward, all with 512mb shuffles – remember I’ve not actually told the volunteers what’s going to happen yet. Now I could have done a bit more jiggery-pokery with the volunteers to get a comfortable pairing, but a mix of the Showman in me, and the evil voice of Crow in my head (sure, blame the bird – Crow) led me to throw caution to the wind. I saw a box on the floor and said to myself ‘if that box is empty, I’ll put all five iPod Shuffle’s in that box, mix them up, and hand back a random unit to each person.’ It was empty.

And here’s the result.


The kicker? It wasn’t porn on one of the shuffles, but Chris Green’s private PGP key…