Spotify goes all stars and stripes as it attempts America

Spotify hits the US. Over in Europe their route was "free" then "premium" which really meant pay for the version on your mobile. Over in the US it’s going to be different. $5 /month to get going or $10/month for the premium model (which has the smartphone capability) – plus some free accounts in the lucky dip of Web 2.0 services like Klout – mimicking the rush for invites and promoting Spotify online as people beg for invites.

And of course Spotify has some entrenched opposition and the music labels in the US aren’t as friendly as they were in Europe. How will this work out? I don’t know, but the cynic in me says that the US won’t appreciate a European start-up coming over and telling it how to listen to music online. Grab your popcorn, this could get interesting.