Twitter’s sensitive flag is a #fail in the real world

Twtter is going to let you mark up so others can see a sensitive content flag beside tweets. Really? Err… what counts as sensitive? Nick Ut’s picture of Phan Kim Phuc from Vietnam? William Shatner singing “Common People”? Today’s Page 3 girl from The Sun? A Youtube clip of 21st century Tom and Jerry where they’re best of friends and talking to each other? Paradise Towers? How about a link to some confidential documents about Twitter itself? What about promoted tweets?

Take a more historical example, the Jyllands-Posten Mohammad cartoon. That’s very sensitive to some people, hilarious to others, and fair comment in other spheres.

So who decides? How is this going to work, because trust and judgement in the case of users is not going to be a viable option, and community standards only apply when you have a cohesive community – let’s be honest Twitter is far from cohesive and means different things to different people.

Or is this all window dressing so that American advertisers can be reassured that their advert won’t appear next to a link to a picture?