The Fringe Podcast, beaten only by Radio 4

I popped into iTunes yesterday to grab some links, and while I was there, check that the Fringe podcast is showing up and getting fed through properly (to which the answer is almost, as the new album art needs picked up), and I glanced at the top lists in the Arts section. As you do.


The individual episodes list had one of the Fringe podcasts in ninth place. And if you count The Archers and The Archers Omnibus as one show (which for PR purposes I think I will), the Fringe podcast made #3 in the overall charts!

The other big hitters from the Fringe in podcast land, namely Live at the Gilded Balloon (link), Richard Herring (link) and the Pleasance Podcast (link) are duking it out in the comedy section, and that’s fine by me. I’ve always wanted the Edinburgh Fringe Podcast to reflect the 2500 shows at the Fringe, not just the 500 in the comedy section.

It might be a bit of a judgement call, but I always try to get one comedy, one theatre and one performance piece interview in each show, along with varied news, the Children’s Sunday special, the reportage from the Royal Mile (due this weekend), and a mix of big names, Fringe specialists, and those new to the largest arts festival on the planet. And it seems you all like that mix as well.

So to all the listeners out there, thank you (and thanks to The Stage as well, who help make it happen every year). And if you haven’t caught up yet, here’s the show in iTunes – and the RSS feed for everyone else.


The Fringe Podcast in iTunes