How the news after 9/11 flowed, thanks to a 9/11 victim

One of countless stories we’ll hear about 9/11 over the next week or two, but one that’s incredibly relevant to the modern web.

But the lawyer said Lewin had called from the plane [American Airlines 11]  hanging up only when a flight attendant ordered him to switch off his phone. “So we knew shortly after 9 a.m.,’’ said Sagan. “There was no hope that he was not on that plane.’’ Daniel Lewin was dead, and nobody knew whether his company would survive.

Yet Akamai’s most tragic day would also prove its most important. On that day, and in the days that followed, the world turned to the Internet for information as never before. Web traffic for Akamai’s global network of clients, including major news media sites, surged by a factor of five.