The Black Hole of musical streaming services

A look at the current trend in the music industry to have streaming music benefit the labels, with less support and financial return being offered to the individual acts:

The issue here is that many of these streaming services position themselves as radio stations. Certainly in the UK that allows them to have a much cheaper music licence. It is expensive to run a streaming service, especially when the market seems to have settled on £10 a month as the top price people will pay. Yet this brave new world of music still seems to leave the artists at the bottom of the pile when it comes to actually earning money.

The internet seems to have opened up an even bigger disconnect between the smaller bands with dedicated fans who support and promote the band to a level where they can concentrate on their music, and the music labels who sign up artists as fast as commodity buyers pick up sugar, hoping a few of them will be the multi-million sellers that will survive until the next “teen sensation” comes along.

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