Developers, Blackberry 10, and my reaction to a Cnet story

And here’s where it starts to get interesting for Cnet.

There’s a great interview today with Alec Saunders on Cnet today, where he talks about the challenges of getting developers on board and apps in the store ready for the launch of the new BlackBerry 10 devices in a week or two.

Now RIM has has to win back consumers who have long abandoned their BlackBerrys for iPhones and Android devices. It’s planning a media blitz, complete with Super Bowl commercial. At the same time, BlackBerry has to compete against another upstart mobile operating system, Windows Phone by Microsoft, which is also seeking to be the No. 3 platform behind Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS.

Indeed, RIM has a long, tough road ahead of it, but credit Saunders for connecting with the developer community. When the operating system is unveiled, it will have 70,000 applications, which the company boasts is the most apps for a mobile platform at launch. Android had a little more than 50 apps at launch, but that was before the explosion of app development.

But after all the editorial interference from parent company CBS over Cnet’s Best of Show award at Vegas (let’s see, have a look at Sarah Lacy’s column in Pandodaily to get an overview if you missed it), I see a story, spot the Cnet name, and am… wary. So you have the link, but it’s a link with an asterisk.