I can’t see Vine video working online if it follows the Seesmic interaction model

Vine, an application that allows you to post a six second video snipept online, is now owned by Twitter and looks ready to launch. But I come back to ‘the Seesmic question’ and have to ask who is it for and what problem does it solve? Almost any technology can find fans and a small social group who will champion it, but the tech fails to break out into a large-scale consumer success.

What does Vine do differently? Peter Kafka, on All Things D:

Why would you want to download Vine? Because it’s supposed to be a fun tool for making and sharing very short video clips — no longer than six seconds a pop — in the same way that Instagram worked for photos. And it’s designed in a similar way, with the ability to follow other Vine users’ clips, explore stuff from people you don’t know, etc.

It doesn’t do anything differently beyond ‘smartphones have got a bit better in the meantime.’ By all means launch, iterate, and see if this works, but it’s re-inventing the wheel.