Nokia bridge the mobile gap between mobile radio and subscription

For four dollars a month (less change), Nokia will offer a premium version of their Nokia Music application on Windows Phone. this currently provides free streaming radio and mixes to every Nokia Windows Phone user. For a  (which is comparable to an annual Pandora subscription), you’ll get

In addition to the existing features of the free version of Nokia Music, the premium version of the service allows for unlimited skips, unlimited downloads (of music Mixes), higher quality streaming and downloads, lyrics support, and a web-app player that lets you use the service on any Internet connected device (PC, Smart TV, tablet).

Rafe has more details on All About Windows Phone. I’ll be interested to see how this rolls out and the adoption rates, but for me I’ll stick with the Xbox Music Pass. My tastes in music are far to distant from the mainstream to have any of these recommendation services get a good handle on what my ears are looking for.