Why did Radio 1 ignore one of the biggests chart hits of 2012?

Is that the noise of laughter as Radio 1’s Head of music, George Egatoudis, tells Digital Spy Radio 1 has no influence on the charts and always acknowledges the public’s lead?

A lot of people believe we have total control over what gets in the charts and what is popular, but this simply isn’t the case. Of course we do have influence, but the public know what they like and if we don’t acknowledge that they’ll soon turn us off and go elsewhere.

So Mr Egatoudis, can you think of a song that goes Top Ten in thirty different countries, reaches number one in eighteen of them, sells over 200,00 copies in the UK , and spends 15 weeks in the charts? Would you say that this is a song the public know they like? That you should acknowledge this Trance/Club number by, I don’t know, putting it on the playlist when it’s screaming up the charts? Maybe even play it once outside the Top 40 countdown?

Or could you not get past the fact that Loreen’s ‘Euphoria‘, this year’s Eurovision Song Contest winner, was actually relevant and enjoyed by the public?