“Microsoft sells out of Surface Pro, just like the Zune HD did in 2009”

Cracking headline from Apple Insider, but it hides two greater truths.

Every modern connected device has ‘sold out’ at launch, so much so that the press release is to be expected, and I’m sure someone in logistics is tasked with making sure the ‘zero stock’ tick box is filled.

The second is that if the Surface Pro is anything like the Zune HD in terms of quality, durability, and ease of use, then the Surface Pro is going to be a winner (at least for individual users). I still reach for my Zune HD for my portable music when traveling. it’s reliable, has fantastic battery life, sounds great, has a playful and speedy user interface, and shows that when Microsoft really try, they can build great hardware and experiences.

It also shows that no matter the product, it’s not always the best hardware that wins.