Come on you apes, you wanna live forever (with a Lumia)?

Halo finally reaches Windows Phone, and I’ve a monster review posted over on All About Windows Phone:

It’s good. It’s bloody good. But there is room for improvement. The presentation, top down look, and slight 3D graphical look are all fine. The level design, small but perfect, works as well. I have a tiny issue with the control system, but it is easily played around. In that sense Halo works with no major compromises damaging the game.

The lack of multiplayer is slightly upsetting, but not a huge mis-step in the grand scheme. The inclusion of freemium to try and eke out a little more money from the gamers does feel wrong, for all the reasons above. Halo is a recognised name, and it does feel like this is cashing in as much as possible on the name for a short term success, rather than stopping and thinking about the long term impact.