Here comes the Edinburgh Fringe Podcast (and the FM simulcast!) for 2013

Nine years ago I decided to try and cover the Edinburgh Fringe with the new medium of podcasting. It found an audience, and I’ve been bringing the Fringe out of Edinburgh every year since with a daily podcast during August of news, reviews, and interviews. But this year is slightly different.

The podcast is still going ahead, but the format has been changed very slightly, as the show is also going out on local radio. 98.8 Castle FM will be carrying the Fringe Podcast (or ‘Festival Talk’ to give the show its radio name), and you’ll be able to listen to the show live online during the recording, tune in if you’re in Edinburgh, or download the podcast from the Edinburgh Fringe Podcast homepage.

To recap, here’s where you’ll find the show this year.

Download the podcast, which is hosted at, or you can subscribe in iTunes.
You can listen live to the show being recorded at 12 noon (Monday to Friday) on Castle FM 2 – this is available as a live stream from
You can tune in on 98.8 FM if you are in Edinburgh to listen to the show being broadcast between 3pm and 4pm each day.
And you’ll also find us on your smartphone, in the iFringe application for iOS and Android.

The first show goes out tomorrow (Monday 5th) but to get you in the mood, there’s a little prologue show available now in the RSS feed, on the site, or embedded below!

Opening the Fringe 2013 season, Ewan talks about the new additions to the podcast, with some music and thoughts about Edinburgh from singer-songwriter Daniel Cainer.