Why did Samsung skimp on the Galaxy S4 Mini battery?

It might be a derivate of the regular Galaxy S4, but the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini is a nice size in my hand, does all the basic smartphoen tasks well, and burns through the battery far too quickly.

A few extra millimetres of depth would not have spoiled the lines of the S4 Mini, but would have allowed a larger battery compartment to be placed into the design. FInding another 200-300mAh with slightly more volume would have made the S4 Mini a handset that can get through the day without the user having to make any compromises in how they use the handset.

Samsung’s designers had it easy with the S4 – they just threw everything into the chassis, and made it as big as it needed to be. The S4 Mini needed a bit more style, a bit more love, and some rational decisions. This smartphone is quite simply, a fantastic idea that needed more focus on it’s own achievable goals from Samsung. And it didn’t get it.

My full review is over on Forbes.