A Windows Phone DIY exercise to build the Xbox Portable

What happens when I take a Windows Phone, strip out as much software as possible, and focus on building a ‘portable Xbox’ console? All About Windows Phone has more…

If there’s been a flawed jewel in the crown of Windows Phone, it’s been the Xbox Live branding. Putting one of the most popular and successful gaming brands into a smartphone was a strong statement of intent all those years ago, but only now is it starting to deliver the quality and named titles that are expected. So what can you do with a standard Windows Phone to give it a bit of a gaming and multimedia twist and have something that feels unique, and focussed on fun?

That’s what I’m going to look at now. No SIM required (just a Wi-fi connection), and a basic Windows Phone handset. With the Lumia 520 costing less than a Nintendo 3DS, you could forget about treating this as a phone, and use it purely for entertainment.

Which is the goal here (and, in a subtle way, it’s a look at how close I can replicate the experience of my Zune HD on the modern ‘don’t call it Metro’ hardware from Microsoft).