BlackBerry and the momentum of hesitation

Morgan Stanley are ‘holding off’ on a move to BB10 (as a company they are heavy BB7 users). The reason of course is the long0term support of the platform, which is tied up in the long-term survival of BlackBerry as a company. Developers are hesitant to switch fully to BB10, relying on cross-platform tools such as Unity in the meantime; business clients are hesitant to sign up lengthy support contracts that will impact on their IT department for years; and the high street seems to be turning away from the physical keyboard on the Q10 and Q5.

BlackBerry’s quarterly result (due out September 27th) are going to need to be stellar. If not, there will be more hesitation, more people thinking they should look at other options, and the slide will continue.

And by this point I would expect Microsoft and Nokia to have sent in their A-List marketing teams to Morgan Stanley to pitch hard for Windows Phone to take over.